Last week, I:
*strolled down the street from church on a sunny afternoon to bring communion toa former pastor of CTK who hasn’t been able to make it to church lately. He admitted to me that growing older isn’t easy, but he basks in gratitude for the life he’s had.
*bought the new Leslie Odom, Jr. Christmas album.
*Chatted with my friendly neighbor across the street each morning as we waited for the bus with our kids. We’ve worked out a rotation where each kid gets a turn to be first in line on a different morning.
*Listened to my son practice his new violin and marveled at how quickly he’s moving from scratchy notes just a few weeks ago to a full, sustained sound with the bow.
*Read Isaiah 6:1-8, the text for last Sunday, and wondered at God’s call to all of us and how it’s tied with God’s purification of our mouths and words.
*Gathered with a small group of local pastors to continue our learning about congregational conflict–simply to fill my professional tool box–a conversation of mutual support, prayer and hope.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, no matter who you voted for, take time to pray and care for yourself. There is much reconciling work to do, and we’ll need strength and courage. Thank goodness everyday life insists we see the Kingdom of God all around us.

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