Needs of a Compassionate Parent

My 5-year-old daughter picks out her own clothes every day. I’m always impressed with the way she chooses appropriate clothing for the weather, even if she hasn’t looked outside before getting dressed. I often mention her amazing dressing ability to my husband–who doesn’t find it nearly as remarkable as I do–and I continue to marvel at my daughter’s self-awareness. She chooses clothes because they feel soft or warm or they’re bright or sparkly. She doesn’t fight with her body; she listens to it. I’ve vowed to ask myself this question when I stand in front of my closet in the mornings: What clothing will feel good and right to me today?   Criticism of women is unrelenting, from others and from the voices in our heads. It’s oppressive and never-ending, often causing us to second-guess every decision we make. Is this skirt too short? Should I have dessert? What will happen if I ask for what I need? Is my biggest dream a possibility for me? Will I ever be confident in my decisions? – See more at:

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