Star Story #1

I’ve been collecting “star stories” from the people of congregation I serve, and I’m delighted to start sharing them here. Here is the first, from a woman:

My star word is peace. I thought it was appropriate considering all the stress I feel like I’ve been dealing with. I keep the star at my desk at work and reflect on it. I found that I’ve been able to let go of the anger and frustration I’ve been experiencing due to a certain family situation. Also, there are people at my work that have been stressing with their jobs. Through that peace I’ve been able to help people at my work find peace with their jobs. Being that person that people come to for peace and calming is empowering.

I love how she is taking God’s gift of peace in her life and sharing it with others.  Our lives of faith aren’t only lived out in the church–they’re lived out in our workplaces, homes, at the grocery store, at our kids’ ballgames. Her story illustrates the power of faith making a difference in all places.  If we open our eyes, change our perspective, we see God’s presence in places we don’t expect–in ways profound and mysterious.

The peace of God, for the people of God.  Amen.

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