Prayers for Boston

What a world we live in.  So many of us suffer from tragedy fatigue–for me, it manifests as a slow realization to the extent of the suffering in Boston.  It’s been hard for me to absorb what’s happened.  This afternoon I noticed a flag flying half-staff at the house across the street from the church (I have a good view of it from my office window).  My first thought was, “I wonder why it’s flying so low?…”  Moments later the sadness of Boston enveloped me once again.  This fatigue connects me to those living in places experiencing continual and unpredictable bombings–I can’t imagine the terror and sheer tiredness of it.

In the midst of all of the news coverage (don’t get me started on the press reporting premature predictions just because they don’t have anything else to say and need to fill air time!) I have found solace in–of all places–Facebook.  I see comforting quotes from Mr. Rogers and Patton Oswalt tick through my news feed and it makes me feel better.  Others have connected me with great reflections and stories.  I have few words this day, so I share the words of others.  Prayers fill my heart, even as I feel afraid to pray–just as it feels counterproductive to get too hopeful about a new job possibility or longed-for pregnancy (and no, that’s not self-disclosure).  May God open our hearts to trust and daring hope.  May we be compassionate and may it make a difference.

Here are two lovely reflections from two local pastors: John Keller and Glenn Berg-Moberg.

The Blue Room has some wonderful links.

Holy anger and affirming life.

And this:  

May God’s peace and hope reign.

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